Our Game Football is a membership service created to ensure that UK football has access to a minimum level of care and support that is fit for purpose. The change and disruption to the status quo required to implement this is a challenge we have been working on since 2011, and we are now able to comprehensively and sustainably deliver this. 

We have created a multi-faceted nationwide infrastructure that has proven beyond doubt to at least be comparable to much of what is available in professional and elite levels of the game, and have done so in way that all participants can have access, regardless of your level of football. We want to establish an Our Game membership as a “must have” for clubs and players who don’t have access to the finance and established support structures exclusive to the professional game. There is now another way!  

With three tiers of membership that can be built on to deliver significantly more than the minimum standard, there is no reason for any player or club to be left out:


Community Membership – Our entry level FREE membership that harnesses the power of the community and local business to unlock a range of services, benefits and rewards for participating members of your club community. From enhancing fundraising activities of your supporters club through to providing tangible rewards to club volunteers, an Our Game Community membership is an essential first step for all who want to bring about positive change to their experience of football.

Associate Membership – Our intermediate membership that has an annual fee to add access to member only pricing and infrastructure on a self-serve, pay as you go basis.

Full Membership – A rolling monthly membership that provides access to the full benefits of Our Game so members can opt in for their choice of services to fully support their lives both in and away from football.  

Now is the time to join and become a part of #TeamOurGame. 



We welcome players and clubs from every level of football in the UK from those at professional clubs through to and including grassroots amateurs, and also from youth and junior players through to vets!

Our membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June in each 12-month period. While our Annual memberships (where you pay for the full period up front) offer the best value, we do have a rolling month to month membership option for those who want the flexibility that brings.

All memberships auto-renew unless cancelled by you in writing to [email protected] at least 5 business days before renewal. Annual memberships will otherwise renew on July 1st each year and monthly memberships on the 1st day of each month.

The Our Game Medical Trust is a fully authorized and regulated health care trust that has been set up for our members. It will enable all those who use it benefit from our member only pricing (benefiting from our economies of scale) and our carefully created relationships with sports medicine practitioners throughout the UK, and the expertise and support of our trust administrator, Pro Amica.

You simply need to be an Our Game member to be able to access the trust and its benefits then when you need medical treatment, you have the option of using the Trust to benefit from our member only rates, support and associated treatment options. Affiliate Members will naturally have a lower level of access / benefits than Full Members, but ALL Our Game members will be able to access benefits from using the trust worth significantly more than the cost of their membership.

Once you have a Full Membership you can choose to add on whichever of our insurance options you like. The available options are income protection for work and / or football wages, private medical cover including specialist cover as a paid player if applicable, and our cash plan option. The insurance options have their own Ts & Cs which must be satisfied for a valid claim.

Yes but joining while injured or after being injured will mean you have restrictions on / exclusions to your use of the insurance products as current and previous injuries will result in underwriting restrictions. Your use will therefore be limited to the self-pay discounts and support provided by the Medical Trust.

That is no problem. You will have to complete the membership agreement you signed up for (whether monthly or annual) and also the terms of any of the insurance products you opted in for then are free to leave. If you wish to rejoin in the future, note there are rejoining terms eg the Full Membership has an exclusion period on being able to use it that goes up by 30 days each time a person leaves and wants to rejoin. Practically this means the first time you rejoin you will have to wait 30 days to be able to use the services, 60 days the second time it happens with a maximum of 90 days for those who leave and return three times or more.

This is a scheme available to all members where when you shop with one of our scheme affiliate partners using our system or engage with us in one of the ways described, you will earn reward points that can be used to redeem for rewards for yourself or be pooled with others with a shared community interest to redeem for rewards to support a known community objective. Local businesses are able to join as an affiliate too and support their local community and reward those who shop with them while growing their sales.

You simply have to use the service and all eligible reward points will be automatically added to your account once you have earned them. Note if you have a Full Membership and you have linked a bank card to your account, you will also be able to earn reward points at our affiliate partners who have signed up for offline / face to face shopping rewards. These points too will also be automatically added to your account when earned.