Our Game Nationwide Heart Screening Service....

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presents   The Our Game National Cardiac Screening Programme


Partnership with Perform St. George’s Park


We have teamed up with Perform St. George’s Park to offer Our Game members cardiac screening at a discounted rate. The going rate at most private hospitals for an ECG & Health Questionnaire is around £125, however Our Game members are able to take advantage of an exclusive rate of only £50 for this service, which represents a significant saving on offer. 

Perform at St. George's Park were appointed by The Football Association in March 2013 as the preferred healthcare provider to execute the Cardiac Screening programme, which includes Scholar Screening, 1st Team screening and all (24) Club England teams. Our Game members will now be able to benefit from this same quality and level of service as standard.

As part of Spire Healthcare, Perform is able to provide any recommended follow up investigations via the Spire network, which consists of 38 hospitals across the UK. Should an ECG test show any abnormalities then Perform are able to quickly and efficiently refer you to your nearest hospital for the necessary investigations / treatment, as well as sending a report to your GP. Of course, one of the key Our Game member benefits provides coverage for a full range of scans and diagnostics, so should further investigations be required, most members will find they can have this cost covered and not have to pay for it themselves or have to wait on the NHS.


What is an Electrocardiogram (ECG)?


An ECG records the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart. Electrodes are placed on your arms, legs and chest in order to pick up electrical signals, which are then transcribed onto a moving strip of paper or a monitor. The whole examination usually takes a maximum of 10 minutes.


Why is it a useful test?


By measuring the rhythm and electrical activity of your heart, an ECG can rapidly flag up if whether there is a possibility that you could be suffering from an undiagnosed heart condition, which could be aggravated through strenuous physical activity, particularly football.

Following a number of high profile incidents where players have suffered cardiac arrests whilst playing, it is now mandatory that every player involved within the Premier League or any UEFA competition must have at least one ECG in their medical folder. Furthermore it is now common practice for all Football League players to undergo this medical examination as well. It is vitally important to stress the fact that non-league players are equally at risk of heart disease which is why we are offering this service to all Our Game members to promote health, and encourage the overall wellbeing of players - potentially saving lives!

This programme offers 10 slots a month for players to book an appointment at The National Football Centre in Burton on Trent, where your screening will take place in a 10 minute slot between 4-5pm. If you would like to book a mobile screening local to you, please let us know and we will advise of the available options. If you have any questions, need more information or would like to book yourself in for a screening, please contact us on 0208 166 5785 / info@ourgamefootball.com or Jo Youster of Perform on 07703686652 / joanne.youster@spirehealthcare.com for more details.


See the below for some examples from nonleague football of the need for this service....